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Programma 2024


That’s Contemporary! A call for VIDEO ARTS

Within the framework of the Cremona Art Fair, from 22 to 24 March, in collaboration with the Combat Prize, That's Contemporary! is a project entirely dedicated to video, the meeting point par excellence of the most diverse languages of contemporary art.

But how do we define the contemporary today? By taking the present as the only object and perspective of our thinking, or by taking the contemporary as a multifocal lens through which the view of our time can be critical and political?

In order to give life to an exhibition project that articulates this complex concept, a competition will be held. Curated by Bianca Basile and Camilla Remondina, in collaboration with the Artistic Direction of the Prize, the works that best express their own interpretation of the Contemporary will be selected.

The project was conceived with the aim of offering an opportunity for growth and visibility to all those creative realities and experiences that characterise contemporary artistic production, with a particular focus on the younger generations. 

The exhibition will be open to the public during the days of the fair, providing a dialectical platform on the theme of Contemporaneity.

The competition is free and open to all contemporary artists of any nationality. There is no age limit.

The call is open to all forms of contemporary video, such as: video art and performance art, experimental animation, video research, abstract video, video portraits; fiction is excluded. 

The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2024

For further information, please email or

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