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22 - 24 Marzo 2024


Collezionisti d'arte
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Cremona Art Fair is a rendezvous devised to bring together our community of art collectors and enthusiasts by recreating opportunities for exchanging views again and taking advantage of a wide and well-curated artistic offering.

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Cremona Art Fair | TALK

Il mercato nel contemporaneotra fiere, aste, collezionismo, spazi privati, vendita on-line

Domenica, 26 Marzo, 2023

Cremona Art Fair | TALK

Per un sistema di catalogazione: la funzione

degli archivi

Domenica, 26 Marzo, 2023


Programme Talk

Drawing inspiration from the first words of Giacomo Puccini is a famous aria, Vissi d'arte; we intend to develop a line of interviews and insights into the world of contemporary art that will introduce new training paths through managers, consultants, professionals and testimonials of excellence.


Guided tour

Cremona Art Fair makes the appointment for guided tours in the exhibition itinerary of the fair as an opportunity for exchange and approach to the world of collecting, aimed at an amateur and non-amateur public. 


Cremona Fiere

CremonaFiere is the second Lombard exhibition center and has an efficient exhibition area.  A unique location of its kind that will host for the first time  Cremona Art Fair.

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